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TiVo media device » Troubleshooting Information

The "Failed to Negotiate" service connection error indicates that the TiVo media device is having difficulties communicating with the TiVo service. This error is also referred to as network error N17, N18, N19 or N20. These errors occur during the Guided Setup process and indicate the connection was interrupted or that something along the network path is blocking the TiVo media device from the service.

The most common causes of this problem are proxy servers and web page caching* used by routers, firewalls, or internet service provider (ISP) restrictions. However, we have noticed that customers are having difficulties maintaining their broadband connection during peak usage times (6pm to 11pm on weekdays and 10am to 11pm on weekends).

Some broadband providers process peak time bandwidth demands differently from off-peak times, and those changes can affect the TiVo media device's ability to successfully connect to the TiVo service. If you are unable to complete the Guided Setup process, we suggest that you attempt the service connections when you get up in the morning or during normal business hours during the week.

If you are using any type of firewall (software or hardware), switch it off to determine if the firewall may be causing the blockage. If the TiVo media device successfully connects to the TiVo service with the firewall disabled, you will need to adjust the firewall configuration to open ports needed for TiVo communications (see list below), disable a proxy server, or disable web page caching.

If your TiVo media device is still unable to connect, with the firewall disabled, the problem may lie with your router/modem or your ISP. Make sure your router is not blocking the required ports or using a proxy server or web page caching. Make adjustments as needed.

If the firewall and router are not the issue, you need to contact your ISP to see if they are blocking any of the required ports, or using proxy servers and/or web page caching. The following communication ports need to be available for your TiVo media device to successfully connect to the TiVo service:

  • TCP port 37
  • TCP port 80
  • TCP port 443
  • TCP port 2190
  • TCP port 4430
  • TCP port 5005
  • TCP port 5222
  • TCP port 5223
  • TCP port 5224
  • TCP port 7287
  • TCP port 7288
  • TCP port 8000
  • TCP ports 8080-8089
  • TCP port 8101
  • TCP port 8102
  • TCP port 8181
  • TCP port 8200
  • UDP port 37
  • UDP port 123
  • UDP port 2190

* Please note: Web page caching is the process of re-using commonly requested web pages instead of downloading the web page each time a user requests it. Web page caching increases efficiency and reduces bandwidth requirements (the amount of information downloaded) for ISPs.

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