My TiVo media device doesn't respond to its remote control

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There are a few reasons why your TiVo might stop responding to your remote control, but this problem is usually simple to solve. Firstly, be sure to check your batteries have not gone flat by testing the remote with new batteries. Once you confirm the batteries are working, the next step is to look for interference from other infrared devices, remove obstructions and confirm that the TiVo itself is not frozen. Follow the steps below to do this.

Check the status lights on the front of your TiVo media device

Step 1
Check to ensure that when powered on, there is a green power light on the front of the device.

Step 2
Press a button on the remote and check to see if the amber Remote Control indicator light blinks on the front panel of your TiVo media device. This indicates that the unit has received the remote command from the TiVo remote.

Check for obstructions
Make sure that there is a clear path from the remote control to the TiVo and that there are no cabinet doors and or furniture that could be interfering with the remote. Some frosted or tinted glass may deflect the signal from your remote, so try opening glass doors to see if this has any effect.

Check for infrared interference
Some other devices or appliances may be transmitting infrared signals which can interfere with the use of your remote control. These include:

- Check your Television for a feature that moderates the brightness of the screen according to the light in the room. Usually called Energy Saver, Motion Sensor or Auto-brightness, this feature emits IR that conflicts with many remote controls. Please turn this feature OFF and your remote will resume full functionality.

- Energy saver light bulbs, which emit infrared light

- Games consoles with motion sensing technology

The easiest way to check if these are causing your issue is to simply turn them off, and in the case of energy-saver televisions you should be able to temporarily disable this function through your televisionís settings. For further information refer to your television's user guide.

Try performing a Global Reset of your remote control

Your remote may not be functioning properly if its programming options have been changed. To eliminate this as a cause, perform a global reset of your remote control.

Please note: Following the steps below will reset all of the key functions on the remote, clearing the remote address, TV and AV codes, as well as any programmable buttons.

Step 1
Cover the end of the TiVo remote control with your hand.

Step 2
Press the TiVo button and the TV POWER button simultaneously until the red light comes on.

Step 3
Press THUMBS DOWN three times, then ENTER. The red light on the remote should go out. If it doesn't, repeat this step.
Please note: If you press the wrong button, just press CLEAR to start over.

Step 4
Remove your hand from the end of the TiVo remote control.

*Please note: After performing a global reset, you can reprogram your remote.

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