How do I set up or reset my remote control?

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To perform a global reset of your remote control

Please note: Following the steps below will reset all of the key functions on the remote, clearing the remote address, TV and AV codes, as well as any programmable buttons.

Step 1
Cover the end of the TiVo remote control with your hand.

Step 2
Press the TiVo button and the TV POWER button simultaneously until the red light comes on.

Step 3
Press THUMBS DOWN three times, then ENTER. The red light on the remote should go out. If it doesn't, repeat this step.
Please note: If you press the wrong button, just press CLEAR to start over.

Step 4
Remove your hand from the end of the TiVo remote control.

*Please note: After performing a global reset, you can reprogram your remote.


To program your remote to control your TV/stereo

Step 1
From TiVo Central, select Messages & Settings > Settings > Remote Control. This takes you to the remote control setup.

Step 2
Your TiVo remote can control the power and volume of both your television and stereo. It can also control the 'TV Input' button on some televisions.

  • To control the power, volume and mute on your TV: select "Part 1: TV power, volume, and mute".
  • To control the volume and mute on your stereo: select "Part 2: A/V volume and mute".
  • To control the power, volume, and mute on your stereo: return to Part 1, but use the code you selected in Part 2. You should now be able to control the power on your TV and stereo at the same time.
  • To control the input setting on your TV: select "Part 3: TV Input".

Please note: If you choose to control both your TV and stereo power simultaneously, the two may occasionally become out of sync (one turns off when the other turns on). To reset, manually turn your TV on or off to match your stereo. You can then use the remote as normal.

Step 3
Select your television or stereo brand from the list.
Please note:
Hitachi is used in this example.

Step 4
Follow the on-screen instructions for each code until you find one that works.
*Please note:
Make sure you press the buttons shown on the screen for the type of device you're trying to control.

Step 5
Press SELECT to continue.

*Please note: If none of the listed remote codes work, go to How do I perform a code search if none of the codes for my manufacturer work?

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