1TB My DVR Expander Drive by Western Digital information sheet.

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Please note that Hybrid TV is no longer stocking the 1TB My DVR Expander Drive. No other drives are currently compatible with TiVo.

What is the 1TB My DVR Expander Drive by WD?

The 1TB My DVR Expander Drive, model WDG1S1000VA, is a TiVo-certified external device for adding additional recording capacity to the TiVo media device. It adds up to 200 hours of high definition recording capacity or up to 400 hours of additional standard definition recording capacity (depending on broadcast format recorded).

The 1TB My DVR Expander Drive by Western Digital is the only TiVo-certified external expander device supported for use with TiVo media devices. Please be aware the My Book AV Expander is not supported for use with TiVo in Australia and New Zealand.

How it works
The TiVo media device uses the Expander Drive as if it were part of the internal hard drive. Once the Expander Drive is connected, the TiVo media device stores each recorded program partly on the internal drive and partly on the Expander Drive. Therefore, once it is connected, the total recording capacity of the TiVo media device becomes 1.16 terabytes (TB) and the content of the 1TB My DVR Expander Drive cannot be separated from the content of the media device.

For this reason, it is not possible to move the 1TB My DVR Expander Drive from one TiVo media device to another without losing all of the recorded programs on it. All or most of the recorded content from the TiVo media device and all of the content of the 1TB My DVR Expander Drive will be lost once the Expander Drive has been formatted by another media device.

The dos and don'ts


  • Ensure that you do not obstruct the front panels of the Expander Drive as this will reduce its cooling airflow.
  • Restart your TiVo to enable it to recognise that the Expander Drive is connected. Go to TiVo Central > Messages & Settings > Restart or Reset System > Restart TiVo Media Device. Connecting the 1TB My DVR Expander Drive for the first time will not cause your existing recordings and settings to be deleted.
  • Take every opportunity to delete the programs you have already watched.


  • Stack the Expander Drive on top of, or block the vent holes of, other components in your entertainment centre.
  • Unplug or disconnect the drive while the TiVo media device unit is plugged in or operating. This will cause the media device to restart and it will not recover until the Expander Drive is reconnected and the media device is subsequently restarted, or the device is permanently removed.
  • Try to transfer recordings from one media device to another. The 1TB My DVR Expander Drive is not designed to be used as a portable device or as an attachment to a computer. If you attempt to attach it to a computer, you will not be able to view the recorded content as this will require reformatting, which causes the current contents to be erased.
  • Use your 1TB My DVR Expander Drive as a permanent storage device, archive or library.

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