What happens to the money I had in my CASPA Wallet?

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Closing Your CASPA Wallet » General Information

You have three options to choose from for what you would like to do with your CASPA Wallet cash balance. You can either:

1) Transfer your balance to Quickflix

If you decide to open a Quickflix account, you can transfer the cash balance from your CASPA Wallet to pay for movies and TV shows with a Quickflix account. It will only take a few minutes. OR

2) Donate your cash balance to Make-A-Wish Australia

Hybrid Television Services has joined forces with Make-A-Wish Australia, to support their work in granting wishes for children in Australia with life-threatening medical conditions. Tax receipts are available upon request for donations over $2 and will be sent from Make-A-Wish directly within 30 days. OR

3) Receive a refund of your cash balance back to your original credit credit

You can opt to have the cash balance of your CASPA Wallet refunded to your original credit card. If, however, your credit card has expired since your last Top-Up, you will have the option to receive your refund via EFT. To receive funds via EFT, you will need to provide a valid Account Name, BSB and Account Number. EFT payments will be transferred within 10 business days. 

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