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TiVo Wireless Adaptor » Troubleshooting Information

There are alternatives to the TiVo Wireless Adaptor available on the market that will act as a bridge between your TiVo and home network connection, giving you Ethernet-level speeds with a wireless link:

Netgear WN200RPT – a four-port adaptor that can be used across multiple devices, such as a TiVo, gaming console, Blu-ray player and TV all at the same time.

Each device should come with easy to follow steps to install it but basically you will first need to plug it in to your PC or laptop to configure it to connect to your WiFi then after that is completed (using the included ethernet cable) plug it in to the wired network port on your TiVo and plug the USB cable in to one of the USB ports.

Both devices are available from most electronics retailers, such as Harvey Norman. Selection of a universal WiFi adaptor is at your discretion. 

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