What is the Season Pass feature?

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Every episode, every plot twist, you'll never miss a thing...

There's nothing worse than making time to tune in to your favourite show, only to discover the TV channel has rescheduled it for another slot! Imagine a recording device smart enough to not only record a whole season of your show, but also keep track of what time and day it’s on!

What is Season Pass®?

The Season Pass feature makes this a reality. You simply nominate a TV series, and the Season Pass feature automatically records every episode.

Enjoying the program you're watching - or see one displayed in the on-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) you would like to keep up with? No problem. Hit the Record button and then jump down to the Season Pass option. This feature will automatically record every episode in the series - even if the network changes its schedule. 
The best thing is that you can also set your Season Pass® options to record:

  • First runs only, OR
  • First runs and repeats, PLUS
  • Get every recording to start recording early and finish late...just in case.

With the Season Pass® feature you can stay hooked on your favourite program but enjoy each episode at a time that suits your schedule.



What if the channel reschedules the show?

The Season Pass manager automatically keeps track of when each episode is broadcast. If the channel has to skip a week for a special event, or even if they change the time and day, the Season Pass manager will adjust your recording so you don’t miss an episode.

What happens when the season is finished?

The Season Pass manager also knows when your show has finished its run, and will cancel the scheduled recording automatically. And unless you tell it to stop, the Season Pass feature will also look out for your show when it returns for a new season – and will remember to start recording it again!

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