What is the difference between high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) TV?

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There is a lot of confusion surrounding High Definition (HD) Television and if you are unsure what it is or what it means for you - you are not alone!

The key difference for the viewer between HD and standard definition (SD) is picture quality - quite simply, high definition broadcasts look much better!

To receive HD TV you need a digital tuner - which new televisions may have built inside them, but is more often added through a device connected to your TV .

The good news for TiVo customers - and anyone considering buying a TiVoŽ media device - is that you can connect a TiVo media device to any television and using your rooftop aerial you will be able to view both the HD and the SD digital free to air television channels in your area. This is because the TiVo media device has built in digital tuners (or in other words, incorporates a digital set top box).  Of course to view the HD channels in HD quality, your television needs to be HD-ready.

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