What are TiVo Suggestions?

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Smarter than you think: TiVo learns as you watch!...

With new HD channels, there's almost too much TV for you to watch! It can be hard figuring out which programs you're going to like without hours of research. And who has that kind of time? Your TiVo® media device, that's who! Based on your recordings and your viewing habits, the TiVo Suggestions feature can recommend new programs you may like, and even record them automatically!

How does the TiVo® Suggestions feature learn my preferences?

Every time you make a recording, TiVo Suggestions makes a note about genre, actors, director, and more to build up a model of what you enjoy most. Then it scours the On-Screen TV Guide for new programs that match!

How can I directly tell TiVo Suggestions what I like and dislike?

While watching any TV program, you can vote using the THUMBS UP and THUMBS DOWN buttons on your TiVo remote. TiVo Suggestions will adjust your preferences each time you vote.

Will TiVo Suggestions interfere with my scheduled recordings?

No – your scheduled recordings always take precedence over TiVo Suggestions. And if your TiVo media device is running out of space on its hard drive, TiVo Suggestions will prioritise scheduled recordings over its own.

What if I don't like my preferences?

As smart as the TiVo Suggestions feature is, we know that everyone is an individual. So you can manually adjust your preferences to make them just right for you.

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