How do I exchange or repair my TiVo media device?

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Every new TiVo media device and TiVo Wireless Adaptor comes with a 12 month warranty from the time of purchase. If your product becomes faulty within this period and the fault is covered by the warranty we will repair or exchange it for you.

Please note: If you bought your TiVo item from a retail store, don't take it back there. Follow the steps outlined here instead.

Step 1
If you believe your TiVo requires replacement under warranty, please submit an enquiry to our Customer Support team.

Step 2
After submitting your enquiry, a Support Technician will get in touch with you to troubleshoot your issue and verify the reported fault. They will then arrange delivery of your replacement product. There is no cost for this as long as you have met the warranty criteria.

Step 3
A courier will come first to drop off your replacement product. If you are exchanging your TiVo media device, please activate the replacement TiVo online using the "Existing customer" option before you set it up. This will make setting up your replacement media device much easier.

Step 4
Your previous settings cannot be transferred to the new media device so you'll need to set these up again. Recordings on your old device cannot be transferred to the replacement device.

Step 5
The courier company will contact you to arrange the collection of your faulty product. Upon receipt, we will check the faulty product and if we determine the fault is not covered by the warranty (for example, it has damage such as that caused by liquids being spilt over it), or you fail to return the faulty equipment within 10 days of contact from the courier, we may charge an equipment replacement fee. We will be sure to inform you about this before applying the charges.

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