My TiVo has lost channels, how do I rescan?

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Some TV channels are changing their frequency (which involves changing the frequency that some channels are broadcast on) as the final step in the move to digital-only TV. You'll need to retune your TiVo when these changes happen in your area. If you don't, you won't be able to receive all free-to-air digital TV channels.

How to Restack/Retune your TiVo

The easiest way to scan for all the updated channels in your area is to complete a Repeat Guided Setup, to complete this please go to: TiVo Central > Messages & Settings > Restart or Reset System > Repeat Guided Setup.

Don't worry, this will NOT delete your Season Passes or TiVo Recordings.

Note: Please be aware that you WILL need an active internet connection on your TiVo to complete the Guided Setup process.

After completing the Guided Setup all your channels should once again be available.

Finally, please be aware that in some regions they are continuing to broadcast on the old frequencies for a few weeks as a transition period so you may need to rescan again when these get switched off permanently.

If you have any further issues or questions please contact TiVo Support

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