What is this 7-day EPG?

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The on-screen TV guide lets me see what's on TV right now and get to what I want faster...

What is the 7-Day On-Screen Guide?

Now you don't have to buy the newspaper just to see what's on TV! With the push of a button, your TiVo® media device displays up to 7 days of TV programming for all the free to air channels.

How can I view the guide?

When you connect your TiVo media device to your home broadband service, simply pressing the GUIDE button on the TiVo remote puts a TV Guide at your fingertips. You simply select the show you want to watch and the TiVo service tunes to that channel automatically.

Can I use the On-Screen Guide to record TV?

Since the guide shows 7 days of programming, you can select one, two or more shows to record later – tonight, tomorrow or even next week! Just highlight the show, press the RECORD button, and your TiVo media device takes care of the rest. Recording TV couldn't be simpler!

Why do I need a home broadband connection to use the guide?

Your TiVo media device uses broadband to download the guide information. So each day the listings are refreshed with the next 7 days of TV programming.

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