What is TiVo KidZone?

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Leave the program policing to TiVo so you can rest easy...

You want to protect your kids from unsuitable TV content, but at the same time you don't want them to feel like their viewing is being censored. TiVo® KidZone gives your kids control of their favourite programs, while at the same time helping you decide what's best for them.

How can I protect my kids with TiVo® KidZone?

TiVo KidZone allows you to lock out certain progams and channels, set the maximum classification of an available program (maybe PG is okay for your kids, or maybe G is the max!) or limit viewing to pre-recorded programs.

Why will my kids love TiVo KidZone?

You know TiVo KidZone is all about protecting your kids, but you can help them pick their own WishList™ searches and schedule their own recordings, using either the On-Screen Guide or the Season Pass feature. Because your kids get to pick their own shows, they think TiVo KidZone is great!

Can anyone change my TiVo KidZone settings?

Because you have the password, only you can make changes to your TiVo media device settings. Your kids won't be able to delete recordings or view programs you deem inappropriate.

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