What is WishList?

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Let your favourite topics, actors and genres come to you!

Wouldn't it be great if your TV could learn your favourite genres, actors and directors, and automatically tell you when their latest show was coming out? With WishList™ searches, this dream becomes a reality!

How does WishList™ work?

Every time the 7-Day On-Screen Guide is updated via your home broadband connection, the WishList feature looks for shows featuring your favourite actors like "Hugh Jackman", directors, category or even simple keywords – like ‘cooking’ or ‘renovations’! Then, those shows which match are scheduled for recording.

How do I set up my WishList searches?

When you first plug in your TiVo® media device, you can jump straight to the WishList screen and enter as many searches as you like. And whenever you think of a new favourite actor, or key word, just jump back to the WishList screen and add another search. You can search for as many things as you like!

How often are my WishList searches updated?

Every time the 7-Day On-Screen Guide is updated over broadband, it will automatically scan for programs tagged with your WishList words, and schedule those programs to be recorded!

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