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TiVo media device » General Information

The lights on the front panel of your TiVo® media device provide important information about the status of your DVR.

Green: Power. This light will stay on when your TiVo® media device is on. If this LED is flashing then it means that your TiVo® media device has downloaded a software update and needs to be restarted.

Amber: Remote. This light will flash when your TiVo® media device is receiving a signal from your TiVo® Remote Control.

Red: Recording. Your TiVo® media device has two red LED lights which indicate that a recording is in progress on one, or both, of the TiVo® media device’s tuners.

Blue: Downloading. When your TiVo® media device’s blue LED light is on, this means the TiVo® is downloading content from CASPA™ On-Demand or a computer using the Home Networking Package.

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